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SPEC Package

Arbutus 'A' Woodgrain - Kitchen Only

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A Traditional package with budget-conscious selections for all product categories. Builders and homeowners alike will find value in this package when working with particularly strict budgets.

As with all SPEC packages, options are included for stone and laminate countertops, plus wood and laminate or vinyl options for flooring – giving you added opportunities for cost savings when confirming your selections.

Medium dark woodgrain-style slab cabinetry and lighter complimentary flooring combine with tile and countertops in tones of white and Carrara-look pale greys. Plumbing fixtures, hardware and lighting feature detailed traditional styling in polished chrome and brushed nickel finishes.

This palette creates a mature aesthetic with classic details for homeowners who want an established, sophisticated Designer look for their home interior. This is the warmer colour scheme of the two Arbutus packages. Read Disclaimer

Spec Box Includes

  • Binder with sketches + product specifications
  • Product samples for cabinets, countertops, tiles, flooring, paint
  • All specified products are available throughout Canada

Kitchen Sketches

  • Cabinet pull placement
  • Kitchen backsplash tile layout
  • Door & window moulding design

Kitchen Specifications

  • Faucet
  • Sink (undermount & drop-in options)
  • Cabinet
  • Cabinet pull and/or knob
  • Countertop (stone & laminate options)
  • Backsplash tile & grout colour
  • Island pendant light

Note: Appliance specifications are not included in this package. Your local showroom will be able to show you appropriate options based on your specific required items, sizes and budget.

General Specifications

  • Wide plank hardwood floor option
  • Laminate or vinyl floor option (budget alternative to hardwood)
  • Wall, door & moulding paint colour
  • Interior door style
  • Interior door lever
  • Door stop (wall-mount & hinge-mount options)

Moulding Specifications

  • Base board
  • Door mouldings
  • Window mouldings
  • Crown moulding for some schemes