How it Works

  1. For best results, we recommend that you research and hire a local General Contractor to oversee your project. In addition to managing your timeline, budget and installations, your Contractor will receive product discounts over retail pricing. Review your SPEC package in detail with your Contractor before placing product orders. We have included contact information for direct discounts where available if you are proceeding without the assistance of a Contractor.
  2. Review samples and specification binder to ensure you are familiar with all details and able to discuss with your Contractor and know what to expect products to look like upon installation. Please note that once the SPEC envelope containing your written specifications is unsealed, the package will be final sale. See our Return Policy for further information.
  3. Visit noted website if you wish to view larger images of specified products and to find local vendors.
  4. Research and choose the items not included in your design package: appliances, fireplaces, freestanding tubs – visit your local showrooms.
  5. Confirm selections for items with multiple options provided: countertop material and sinks, flooring, cabinet pulls. For these products, we have included high-end and budget options from which to choose.
  6. Confirm required quantities for all items.
  7. Work with Ikea or your local cabinet maker to plan your Kitchen and/or Bathroom layout.

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