CONGRATULATIONS on your purchase and welcome to the SPEC family!  

We have put together a curated package that was specially compiled just for you.

We know that you are going to love your package but there a few things that we have to let you know.  

First, if you aren’t happy with your SPEC package YOU CAN RETURN IT as long you haven’t broken the seal (but we doubt you’ll want to). You can find details of the return process here Returns & Exchange Policy.

Because the SPEC package was made specifically for you it cannot be reproduced other than for the purposes of executing work on a single project and cannot be shared digitally or otherwise outside of consultants relevant to your project.

Here are some tips to help set you up for success and to ensure a smooth construction process:

We know you can’t wait to read through your binder and get touchy-feely with your samples.   

Review the provided samples under light that is similar to that of your planned environment.  Colour, finish and patterns may vary and be slightly different from the samples in your package and the light they are viewed in can make a difference.  There is always variance within products and manufacturers so make sure to view the samples  in person at your local showroom prior to placing orders.

We’ve done the hard part, but there are still decisions for you to make:

Even though we have done the heavy lifting and left the fun part up to you; there is still some work left.  You need to make your own selections for some things.  The SPEC Package does not include things like; fireboxes, appliances, freestanding and drop-in tubs, non-standard sizes of shower bases and tubs, all of which are specific to unique home parameters.  

In coming to your final decision please make sure to review site specific details and specifications with respect to your home layout to determine required product quantities, as well as to confirm selections where multiple options are noted (stone versus laminate countertops and corresponding appropriate sink style, vanity light size, shower base material, flooring choices).

You also need to confirm allocation of specified finishes and fixtures, such as the number of bathrooms, and which provided group of selections are to be applied to those spaces (Principal versus Second Bath options).

We’re confident you’ll love our choices, but the finish and fixture specifications provided by SPEC Package Inc. are suggestions meant as general guidance.  All final selections and designs must be confirmed by you prior to commencing a project.  Included sketches are for design intent and must be adjusted for Customer’s specific on-site conditions. 


Once you have made all the final decisions it’s time for you to order of all specified products from your local vendors.  SPEC does not sell any of the specified products and cannot guarantee that they will be available in your area.

We recommend that you review all noted finishes, fixtures and design direction with your General Contractor or other Trade Professional.  Your Trade Professional should recommend appropriate quantities for items such as tile so that an appropriate amount of waste is calculated into your totals and alternatives if the exact materials in the SPEC Package are not available.  

The legal stuff – sorry, the lawyer said we have to

SPEC Package Inc. provides no representation or warranty with respect to the finishes and fixtures noted within the documents and sketches provided.  Although we do our best, we cannot guarantee that any of the suggested finishes or fixtures will work for your specific project.  Any issues with product purchases must be addressed directly with your supplier.

Customer is responsible for retaining a General Contractor to, or is themselves responsible for, overseeing their project including, without limitation, compatibility of all finishes and fixtures for their specific project, as well as adhering to local Building Codes.  You are also responsible for confirming all pricing, relevant measurements and product availability prior to commencing your project. If you find within six months of purchasing your SPEC package that an item has been discontinued, please contact us for an appropriate alternative at no additional charge.